UVision 3D scanner current model with stereo photogrammetry and millimetre precision

Underwater 3D Scanner

Starting at €12.000 ex.VAT

The UVision 3D Scanner is a cutting-edge device that seamlessly combines high-quality still images and positioning data for efficient point cloud generation and photogrammetry.

The global shutter stereo camera captures all pixels at the same moment – as opposed to rolling shutter which reads pixels sequentially – securing the most accurate image is captured. The dome ports minimise distortion at the periphery of the field of view, maximising image quality.

The stainless steel casing is corrosion resistant and designed for 100m depth.


Making scanning as easy as possible

Real-Time Rendering of Point Clouds

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The scanner processes data in real time producing a 3D point cloud which can be used to orientate and guide the operator and evaluate the quality of the scan data during collection – securing the scan is complete.

Photorealistic and Measurable

Close-up view of a scanned object, revealing the millimetre precision

Post-processing produces a photographic quality and scaled 3D model, which allows details down to the millimetre level to be observed and measured.

Simple and Easy to Use Interface

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Models are produced by an integrated hardware and software pipeline and delivered through our portal where they can be inspected, measured, annotated and downloaded – maximising end user convenience.

Mounting Flexibility

The scanner is small and light, giving various mounting possibilities

ROV Mounted

IMG 20230315 095015 scaled e1707487667466

The scanner can be mounted and easily integrated to any ROV and even smaller ROVs.

Pole Mounted

Operator holding a pole with the UVision 3D underwater scanner mounted on the end. The scanner can be handheld as in the photo, mounted to an ROV, or used on the end of a pole.

For inspections close to the water side the scanner can be simply mounted on a pole. This configuration comes with its own lights, power supply – and a telescopic pole.


Diver holding the UVision 3D underwater scanner. The scanner can be handheld as in the photo, mounted to an ROV, or used on the end of a pole.

A diver can document their inspection using the scanner by hand. We can provide different grips depending on preferences.

We look forward to improving your underwater inspections

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