Multi-Platform Control Software for Your UVision 3D Scanner

The UController app allows you to easily and intuitively control all aspects of your UScanner. With features such as viewing live video feeds, inspecting realtime point clouds, starting recordings, and uploading them to the cloud for processing, UController does it all! The app supports Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.

UController software main page

Manage Scans and Upload For Processing

The file manager in UController allows you to view all your recorded scans. You can download files from the scanner to your local machine, upload scans to the UVisualiser processing server for conversion to 3D models, and delete files both on the scanner and locally. Additionally, it enables you to see the location of each file.

UController File manager for downloading and uploading scans

Supports Augmented Reality Scanning

UController enhances your scanning experience with augmented reality support. By streaming the app directly to your AR headset, you can scan while always seeing exactly what the camera captures. This feature allows you to view live video feeds and inspect the developing 3D model in real-time, ensuring accuracy and precision.

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