3D Scanner for Underwater Inspections

Photorealistic and measurable 3D models give an unprecedented overview and record of underwater assets. 

This supports that the right decisions are made regarding costly maintenance activities, which can be taken with full understanding and transparency.

For a quick overview please see our 2 minute explainer video here.

Placeholder image for the video introduction to underwater inspection with 3D camera
Play Video about Video introduction to underwater inspection with 3D camera

Visualising the Subsea

The UVision 3D scanner creates photorealistic and measurable 3D models of your underwater assets, allowing you to see your them like never before.

We can also scan for you as a service using either ROV, telescopic pole or diver handheld mounting options.

Why Choose Us

Mounting flexibility

The small and lightweight UVision scanner can be mounted on an ROV, pole or be handled - as needed by the specific circumstances of the job

Ease of use

UVision provides an effective integrated hardware and software solution, that is easy and efficient to set up and use, maximising convenience for the user


We have created a solution using standard "off the shelf" components, minimising end user cost

Client Testimonials

“We have integrated the UVision 3D scanner to our Gorilla ROV and have used it for several jobs and customer demonstrations. We are really impressed with the accuracy, capability and ease of use of their scanning solution - and so are our customers!”
Allan photo
Allan Nygård Bertelsen
Copenhagen Subsea A/S
“We have been operating the UVision 3D scanner when inspecting the Cable Protection Systems of many offshore windturbines. We are extremely satisfied with the results. The scanner has been straightforward to include whilst performing a traditional video inspection and we have obtained 3D models with no additional time or risk. The overview provided by their 3D models is unprecedented and represents a step change in the value we can provide when making inspections.”
Claus photo
Claus Drechsler
ROV pilot/consultant,
Drechsler Marine Consult ApS
“We haven’t previously had the potential to survey bridge foundations under water without engaging diving teams. UVision helped us by scanning several of our bridges in Staffordshire for scour around their foundations. The resulting 3D models have given us a clear and accurate record of the condition of these structures which will either inform the repairs required or be used as a baseline record to be compared with future surveys. UVision’s technology allowed us to visualise and assess the scour easily and provides a cost effective solution which has not been previously available.”
Peter phtot
Peter Boulton
Operations Manager,
Amey Transport Infrastucture (UK)

We look forward to improving your underwater inspections

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